Battlefield: High Definition v1.0 Released
Beach Assault Studios is proud to announce the release of our new modification, Battlefield: High Definition! Although not our first modification project, it is the first to ever be released to the public. Battlefield: High Definition is a modification for the highly successful game Battlefield 1942 (2002).

The goal of the mod is to bring as many visual enhancements to the Battlefield 1942 as possible. Almost surprisingly the increase in view distance brings a whole new dynamic to the gameplay. Planes can be seen soaring through the sky, miles away in all directions. From the proper vantage point, you can observe troop movements miles in the distance. Other visual enhancements are evident as well, including bodies and vehicle wrecks that wont disappear.

Check out Battlefield: High Definition at
The mod is currently available for download, and more mirrors will be added as the files come online.
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